Slateshore Recovery focuses on making sure to maximize every clients claim. Every year, thousands of businesses fail to recover damages incurred because they neglect to file class action claims to receive their share of multi-million and multi-billion dollar class action lawsuit settlements.

Our services include:

  • Identifying any eligible claims for your businesses
  • Reducing your time and cost
  • Assuring our clients meet claim filing deadlines
  • Filing an accurate claim with proper supporting documentation
  • Interacting with the Claims Administrator
  • Providing updates on claim status
  • Resolving Claims Administrator inquiries about claims or documentation
  • Reviewing the recovery to assure the correct amount has been received

Our Risk Your Reward

Slateshore provides its services based on a contingency fee. We get paid if and only if you receive a settlement payment. Once you become a client we take on all of the work load and assume all of the the Risk until such time as payment is made. In turn our clients benefit from a potential increase in settlements with no additional out-of-pocket expenses.

What Every Class Member Needs To Know

Before moving to file a claim for your portion of a class action settlement, please be aware of the costs involved in claims recovery, the deadline to file, and the details included in the claim forms.


There can be time and administrative costs in preparing your claim. There are also opportunity costs if you do not make the most of the claim you file. Many Class Members choose to hire a professional to assist them in filing a claim so that they can (1) be assured they are getting the most from their claim, (2) increase the chances their claim will be accepted, and (3) reduce the administrative burden of filing the claim. Claims Filing Services, such as Slateshore, are often used by Class Members for claim filing assistance. Slateshore Recovery charges nothing up front. Our firm receives a contingency fee based on what the Class Member receives from the settlement.


When you’re a potential Class Member, there are a few important deadlines to know; the Opt-Out Deadline, and the Claims Filing Deadline. Because there can be additional deadlines in claims cases, paying attention to case notices and legal documents is important. Missing these deadlines or other important deadlines throughout the claims filing process can cost you the entirety of your claim. Failing to answer a deficiency letter or audit request from the Claims administrator can also mean grounds for claim forfeiture. Slateshore takes full responsibility for the work and makes sure you meet all required deadlines.

Claim Forms:

Claim Forms vary in complexity and are uniquely tailored to each Settlement. To make the most of your claim and assure its acceptance by the Settlement Administrator, it is important to file your claim accurately, promptly, and with the proper supporting documentation.

  • Accurate – Claims can cover specific activity that occurred over periods of many years. To insure accuracy please include all requested business activity during these periods.
  • Prompt – File by the Claims Deadline. Respond to any requests from the Settlement Administrator for additional information within their requested time frames.
  • Proper Supporting Documentation – Each case requires supporting documents such as receipts, invoices, or other detailed supporting documentation. Depending on the case, determining what exactly is required, collecting, organizing, and responding to requests for more information from the Settlement Administrator can be time-consuming and burdensome but can result in a successful claim.

Slateshore Recovery works with you to file your claim accurately, promptly and with the best available supporting documentation.