Anthony Paul Picadio

Slateshore, LLC / Slateshore Recovery
Chief Executive Officer 
Creator & Founder

Past, Present & Future

In 2004 Anthony was approached by his former partners of Class Action Refund to join a business which he had never heard of before; The Class Action Recovery Business. As Anthony attended a meeting and listened carefully. He immediately understood the magnitude of what was being presented to him and quickly decided to sign on to the company as a low level account executive & employee. Up until this point in his life, Anthony had only been self employed and involved in entrepreneurial endeavors, but knew that this was something he needed to be a part of even if at a ground floor level with all intentions to climb the corporate ladder as quickly as possible and hone his skillset as a Class Action Recovery Expert.

Although his former partners knew he would be an asset to the company based on his Motivation, ambition, work ethic and in depth understanding of the Class Action Space, they could of never imagined the immense value he would bring to the company in such a short period of time. He quickly became the top closer in the firm executing nearly 50% of all the firms contracts inside of his first 6 months of engagement. In less than one year from joining the firm he had began to invest his own personal capital and quickly became an equal partner gaining the Managing Director position of the fledgling startup.

From systems to operations Anthony did it all. Between his proprietary methodology in finding cases, ability to locate clients and a keen eye for hiring top quality staff, He quickly transformed the business into a well oiled machine producing millions of dollars in yearly revenue & championing a $175,000,000.00 gross recovery for the firm & their clients in one specific case (The Visacheck / Mastermoney Antitrust Litigation Settlement). In addition to years of research in the class action / antitrust realm of litigation, his sheer drive, determination, cunning business sense, & leadership skills, caused him to create the leading Class Action Recovery firm in the country while simultaneously and systematically pioneering the industry as a whole through 2015.

Anthony has taken his years of experience and innovative techniques in this market and has launched his newest venture, Slateshore Recovery (a division of Slateshore, LLC).

Anthony will not only focus on the class action claims recovery side of the business but will also be creating a new, very promising Division of the company called “Slateshore Capital Group”. This sister company will consist mainly of class action claims purchasing which is a fairly low risk investment Instrument for the right investors. This will create a mechanism for clients in distress to be able to receive funding of claims instantly, rather than deal with the uncertainty of the judicial systems sometimes difficult and time consuming payment process.

“Those who are certain in what they believe in can never fail as long as what they believe in has been self proven in the past”…. Anthony Picadio.

Neil Montesano

Slateshore, LLC / Slateshore Recovery
Chief Operating Officer 
Strategic Partner

Neil began his career in the Television/Ad Sales space over 16 years ago with ABC Television Network. During his 6 years with ABC, Neil was quickly recognized a Sales leader with innovative techniques for expanding and deepening his Agency/Client relationships which resulted in his being promoted six times, from a Sales Assistant to his final position as Associate Director of Primetime Sales. In Primetime, Neil was responsible for Sales in the Academy Awards, NCAA and NFL Sports as well as all ABC Primetime Programs. In his last year at ABC, he sold over $500 million of Advertising to Agency Clients such as MediaVest, Zenith and Deutsch Media, as well as direct client Ford Motor Company.

While at ABC, Neil was able to develop key relationships with every major Advertising Agency throughout the United States. In 2006, Neil decided to leave ABC to take his skills and relationships to the next level by joining a prominent Sports Media and Production company in Chicago that was looking for Neil’s guidance in its Television, Digital and Event Marketing Divisions. One of his proudest accomplishments was being a fundamental part of the creation and development of the Under Armour All America High School Football Game which launched on ESPN/ABC Sports and continues to air on TV to this day.

In 2009, Neil left formed his own company, Montesano Marketing Relations in New York City. MMR was a Sports Media/Entertainment Company focusing primarily on selling advertising for all Events, TV and Digital Properties. In conjunction with its partners, MMR produced the American Youth Football Championship presented by Under Armour, and, The 1st Annual Under Armour Brandon Jennings High School Basketball Invitational, both of which aired on Fox Sports Networks. During this time, Neil also became a consultant for a Social Media Technology Company based in Tampa, Florida. Neil eventually transitioned to a full time Employee because of his years of industry experience and strong business relationships at many Advertising Agencies in NYC.

Neil was integrally involved in the development and use of the One-band RFID event technology, providing a single source for all attendee event access and client data capture pushed out to Social Channels in real-time (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). The combination of the RFID Technology Platform and Neil’s Agency/Client contacts resulted in Social Event Activations with Under Armour at the Super Bowl,, Indy Cars Fan Village, UFC’s Fight Night’s, Cal Ripken Baseball Camps and Gatorade Sports ESPY Player of the Year Event, just to name a few.

In early 2018 Neil Joined Slateshore as Chief Operating Officer & Strategic Partner. In addition to being a Media executive with progressive experience defining and driving sales initiatives and a proven track record of creating innovative business plans, building teams, pitching effective advertising, and developing strategic partnerships, Neil Thrives in high-volume, fast-paced environments with the ability to optimize ever-changing business needs, improve outreach, and is a master at continuously driving profitability. His Technology, Sales and Advertising background as well as his knowledge of navigating through the top tiers of corporate America is what defines him and makes him an integral part of Slateshore’s team of Directors & Executive Officers.

Marc Jacobson

Slateshore, LLC / Slateshore Recovery
General Counsel 

Marc Jacobson brings over 40 years of legal and business experience to Slateshore. He is frequently described as a businessman with a law degree. Now with Slateshore, he previously served as President, Senior Vice President and General Counsel at three different publicly held companies and owned or operated a host of privately held companies, all while maintaining a private law practice. He consistently demonstrates an understanding of the needs of the company as well as its customers. Marc enhanced shareholder value for startup and high growth companies through his expertise in strategic planning & corporate development, by defining the vision, developing the strategies and executing the tactical actions to drive business growth and market expansion.

In the sales and marketing arena, he identified and capitalized on market opportunities, deployed multimedia promotional campaigns and established a foothold in new markets and business sectors. He guided companies in their financing, investment and contracts, by structuring, negotiating and closing acquisitions, public and private offerings, divestitures, licensing, personal service agreements and talent representation contracts. He also provided infrastructure development & organizational leadership, by creating performance-driven, cost-effective organizational structures. He recruited top-flight teams, instilled strict accountability measures and set an aggressive tone for growth and profitability. His business cultures reward innovation and commitment to customer service.

More recently, he has focused his attention on Slateshore. Throughout the years Marc was Anthony’s personal attorney and helped him with many aspects of his former Class action recovery business. Always admiring the business Marc has decided to become a partner as well as take on the General Counsel role in the new firm. He brings a plethora of expertise to the legal department of the new venture. In addition to being the Founding Chairman of the New York State Bar Association Section on Entertainment Arts & Sports Law, He testified before Congress and the World Intellectual Property Organization regarding the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act. He was Adjunct Professor of Entertainment Law at Fordham University Law School, CUNY Law School and The New School. He speaks regularly at bar association and other events about issues related to his practice. He has received many awards relating to his abilities as an attorney. He is a past member of the Board of Directors of The Direct Marketing Association, SonicNet, Inc., and was Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Internet Alliance, an Internet Industry trade association for consumer facing internet companies, such as Prodigy, AOL, Compuserve, Microsoft and others. With his diverse portfolio of legal knowledge Marc is the perfect fit for Slateshore. We work on many cases that cover a broad spectrum of nuances and product diversity so Marc’s broad understanding of Law will help us hurdle the most difficult obstacles that may be presented to us. He also maintains an active law practice and is licensed to practice law in New York, California and Florida.

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