Slateshore is assisting our clients with a special form of government aid called the Employee Retention Credit, which was part of the March 2021 American Rescue Plan Act which revised the original ERC program included in the CARES Act of May 2020, where an employer had to choose between Paycheck Protection Program and ERC. The 2021 legislation allows eligible employers to benefit from both or either of PPP and ERC. Some of our clients didn’t realize that they can now use PPP and ERC, so we want to circle back now to be sure that you are aware.

ERC has been very lucrative to a number of our clients:

  • The Government will issue refunds for the past from Q1 2020-Q3 2021.
  • Once our services have been engaged, we will find the eligible credits in each payroll you process.
  • Up to $33k per employee on payroll (depending on salaries)
  • Retro back for 2020 for up to $5k per employee.
  • As much as $7k per employee per quarter in 2021 from 1/1/2021 and can continue to 10/31/2021 for a total of up to $28k.

If you have not applied for ERC, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss the eligibility requirements and how to start the program. We will manage it from beginning to end for you. We can get you up and running with a refund at no up front cost to you.

We can help you through the myriad of complexities that may pertain to your company’s unique situation such as the following:


  • Group size
  • Aggregation affiliation rules
  • International nuances
  • Furloughed employees
  • Eligible costs besides wages such as healthcare & pension
  • Full or partial eligibility for all of or part of the program’s 21 months
  • What constitutes a Recovery Startup Business under the program and how that may affect you
  • Rules governing part time employees
  • Analyzing the mathematical sweet spot to maximize PPP forgiveness and ERC credits

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