If you were a peanut farmer and sold runners to any of Birdsong Corporation, Golden Peanut Company, LLC, or Olam Peanut Shelling Company, you may be entitled to a portion of a $57.75 million settlement.

$57.75 million in settlements have been reached thus far in a class action lawsuit brought against Birdsong Corporation, Golden Peanut Company, LLC, and Olam Peanut Shelling Company. The two settling defendants thus far are Olam ($7.75 Million) & Birdsong ($50 Million). Golden Peanut Company has not settled yet and is still fighting the charges. The Defendants deny doing anything wrong. The Court has not decided who is right.

Filing Deadline: TBD

Filing Deadline


Settlement Amount

$57.75 Million

Eligible Class Members:

All persons or entities in the United States who sold raw, harvested runner peanuts to any of the Defendants, their subsidiaries or joint-ventures, from January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2019 (the “Class Period”). Specifically excluded from this Class are the Defendants; the officers, directors or employees of any Defendant; any entity in which any Defendant has a controlling interest; and any affiliate, legal representative, heir or assign of any Defendant.

The class action plaintiffs alleged that the defendants used their 80-90% market share in the peanut shelling industry to facilitate a price fixing conspiracy to depress the price of runner peanuts. The peanut farmers filed their antitrust class action lawsuit in September 2019, arguing that Olam Peanut Shelling, Birdsong and Golden Peanut conspired together to reduce the price of runner peanuts. This alleged price-fixing was reportedly made possible through the three companies’ significant monopoly. Together, the companies reportedly control around 80% of the peanut-shelling industry. When peanut farmers sold their runner peanuts — a popular peanut variety used to make peanut butter and other snacks — to the defendants, they were allegedly forced to sell their crops for a much lower price than was reasonable. After the defendants shelled the peanuts, they allegedly turned around and sold the products for a high price to candy companies and other manufacturers who use the peanuts. The farmers contend the illegal conspiracy to “drive down the prices they paid America’s peanut farmers for their hard work” stemmed from a record year in 2012 that resulted in increased prices. In response to this drastic change in price, the companies allegedly agreed to conspire together to suppress and maintain the price of peanuts. These practices reportedly violated federal antitrust laws and cause significant financial harm to peanut farmers who had worked hard for their crops.

If you sold runners to ANY OF  the Defendants during the Class Period, you may be entitled to a share of the settlement proceeds.

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